"Udder Tech's Calf Blankets are well-built and will last me for years to come. The strap around the calf's belly keeps the blankets secure and held tight around the calf. I will definitely replace my old calf blankets with new ones from Udder Tech.”

Glen Groth
Groth Family Farms
Milks 65 Cows
Ridgeway, MN


Udder Tech Calf Blankets are the only ones we will buy. They are tough, durable and easy to clean. The Udder Tech Waterproof Jackets with Thumb Hole Sleeve are great! It’s so nice to toss them in the wash and start the rest of the day spotless.”

Brian Lantzky
HeiBri Jerseys
Milks 160 Cows
Hawkeye, IA





“I purchased the AI Vest at World Dairy Expo and it has proven to be extremely helpful. There are plenty of pockets to hold everything I need when I’m breeding cows. I can save time during my busy days which helps me be more productive. And the vest is washable which is a huge plus!”

Eric Danzeisen
SD Breeders
Tulare, CA


“About four years ago I ordered myself a pair of Milking Sleeves from Udder Tech. I had tried other sleeves but wasn't very impressed. Either the fit was poor or the elastic would stretch out and the sleeves would slide down constantly. Because I have small wrists, when I saw the thumb hole design of the Udder Tech sleeve, I figured that they would be perfect. Now four years later, I still have the same pair and they are going strong! Udder Tech is a great company that provides a great value!”

Carrie Mess
Milks 100 Cows
Lake Mills, WI


“The first day I wore my Waterproof Bibbed Overalls and Shoulder Guard, I was cool, dry, comfortable and clean - just how I like my cows! Manure, blood and dirt lift off of this cloth like water off of a duck’s back. You can bet I won't have a client that hasn't heard of Udder Tech products. Keep up the good work!”

Dr. Jeffrey J. McFarlane, DVM
Advanced Veterinary Services
Shawano, WI


“We mostly use the waterproof jackets, bibs and pants when it rains. They help keep us dry while doing chores outside and also when the cows come in all wet for milking. The waterproof pants and bibs fit over your boots perfectly and are easy to put on. I like that the waterproof clothing is lightweight, but still keeps me dry and comfortable.”

Lorie Lockwood
Goodsell Jerseys
Milks 75 Cows
Emmett, ID


“At our facilities, we wear the Waterproof Jackets and Bibbed Overalls every day while power washing. They keep us dry and protect us while using any sort of soap or chemicals when cleaning crates and collection areas.

John Quackenbush
ZFI Swine Semen Services
Cortland, Kansas