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My kids are loving them as they have been washing calves they can stay dry! Less laundry for mom!

It’s raining and I am DRY

I purchased these bibs because I have horses at home. Every other rain gear I have purchased failed miserably. Dairy people get 24/7 reliability. I’m 5’5” and 115 pounds. The small allows me to put every possible winter item I have under them, should I need to. I tuck them into the top of my muck boots to keep the hay off me when feeding. I only wish they had camo!

Excelente 🐄🐂🐮👩‍🏫

Ya llego mi pedido. Excelente producto, listo para el trabajo . Saludos desde Guatemala

Kid & Lamb Blankets
Mariah Behrens
Highly recommend!

Fit our little girls like a glove! Was worried they would be too big for them but I was wrong! They loved they could come out and help with chores when it was a little chilly for them!

I like , I used for years is very good

Perfect for 4-H Livestock Projects!

My nine year old daughter is showing swine for the first time this year. We live in the village. She has them staying at a friends in the country. We didn’t want to carry all of the filth from the pigpen with us back home in the car, so we searched everywhere for a good solution to cover up while we worked with the pigs. These work amazing! The pigs chew on us and push on us and we clean up their entire stall with no problems! They are truly waterproof and animal resistant! We would recommend them to anyone!

Waterproof Hood

Never thought I’d find a perfect match replacement for a lost raincoat hood but this is it! The zipper is a bit longer (and the hood larger) than the original but sewing it on was simple and it looks good as new!


8yo boy 75# - XL
7yo girl 50# - L
5yo girl 45# - M
18mo boy 28# - S (do have to roll up legs)

Love the fit (somewhat narrow, but the have Velcro you can adjust). Straps adjust well. Size up though just in case if you're concerned! Hoses off well outside. Washes well in the machine, double check washing the inside to make sure they're clean! I've hung to dry. The yellow you can see from a LONG way off. Nice bonus peace of mind. These are definitely worth the price for working with livestock with the kids and playing in the dirt! Super lightweight and stuffs in a bag on the go! We also have these for ourselves too!

Must have in cold calving months

I've used these blankets for several calving seasons. It has aided in savings newborns lives when the temperature drops or fluctuates. Cows are still able to tend to the calf as well. When calves shiver they start to use their brown fat (reserve fat) and once that's depleted hypothermia and other issues develop. This product helps prevent that. Buy with confidence that it will work.

Love my Udder Tech bibs!

I love love love my bibs!! I scrub our robots every morning and somehow get myself soaking wet, and end up quite chilled, especially during Upstate NY winters. The bibs keep my clothes dry as can be, and I am so pleased!!

We call them puddle pants

Got these for our grandson so he can splash through muddy puddles on his balance bike and on trails and sit in the wet playyard with his trucks. He just turned 2. Took a bit to get him to try something new. They are light and fit easily over his clothing. We are udderly pleased.

Great for home and farm!!

Work great for kids keeping them dry and providing some wind protection. We wear them on the farm. Great for sledding too. They do run small.

Adorable functional toddler gear

We are loving our high-via waterproof bibs and jacket. Perfect for this wet fall weather exploration on the ranch.

Bibbed Overalls - Waterproof
Elizabeth Benicke
Best purchase

Absolutely love my bibs!! I bought them just to see how they would work out because I was having to constantly wash normal bibs because I getting dirty from milking. I got the Uddertech bibs and fell in love. I wore them all through out winter in Wisconsin, and I stayed warm the whole time. The pockets are great for holding the bottles of drugs, paint cans and whatever else.
Now I’m a breeder and they work so well for hosing off between each farm. I stay dry and clean all day. Easy to get to the pockets and carry what I need. Very comfortable and lightweight too!

Love the bibs! Just got my second pair.

Only complaint is that I wish they had different sizes just for women so they could be more fitted. Great quality though and I definitely recommend! I wear them every day to milk cows and they have made my life so much easier. The sizes run big so I would recommend sizing down.

Farmworker here!

I think this is a great product to keep you dry while working outdoors. Yesterday I moved irrigation pipes out of the field in the rain, brushing up against all kinds of big wet leaves and getting soaked from all sides, above and below and carrying wet stuff.

These bibs kept me dry and then they themselves dried pretty fast later when I was out of the rain. Worked very well for a rainy harvest day too.

I was putting wet muddy hands in my pocket to get my handkerchief a lot that morning and when I took the bibs off later, the only part of me that was wet was a tiny bit near the hips/pocket.
As a thin woman 5'4", the xs gives me plenty of room to move and reach what I need to.

The bibs may be thin, but I stay pretty hot and sweaty if I wear too much layering underneath.

I upgraded to add butt pockets and the homies at udder tech allowed me to put purple pockets on my green bibs 😊

David teaches AI and Preg testing in Queensland Australia
So these vests are for his students

Vet Student Approved

I love them! They keep me clean and dry while on the farm working with patients. Easily spray off with hose for clean up. Highly recommend as a vet student or working on the farm!
Huge thank you to Tina for helping me with exchange and shipping on time for class!

Plain Apron - Waterproof
Parish Hill Creamery
best apron for making cheese

got one as gift from a fellow cheesemaker years ago, have been buying them and recommending udder tech ever since.

Worth it

I love them, they keep me clean and dry at work and easily spray off with the hose.

Not a Vet wheel’n mud

Google lead me to this site.
We wheel’n in the mud with our dogs. We have tons of fun, but i needed something that once we were finished i could peel off and enjoy the campsite, prepare a meal or get in our cars to head home.

UdderTech overalls provided me the barrier i needed for the mud, if it is an easy right my skin stays dry and mud free. In our latest right, we were stuck for hours - at the conclusion, i was able to remove my Udder with all the mud clumps! Yeah, while my leg were wet, i was able to use a towel to dry my legs - and no one would have been to the wiser, that i had just came off the trail!

The Udder can be hosed off, thrown in the washing machine, short time in the dry and they are ready for the next ride!

I purchased the summer set in royal blue, with the jersey fabric backing! I love them and have been telling the other ladies at the Sabine Mud Ranch all about the.

Talk about size, check the chart, because they are already oversized, so DO NOT order up a size. I ordered XL and wished i got gone the Large.

I may re-home the two pairs of XL to another worth woman and re-order myself a set of Larges.

Thank you Udder Tech, you have a multi-purpose product, that i love.

Mud off-roading customer

We off-road in the mud, with MAVERICK X3 MAX X MR TURBO RR 72, while wearing the summer bids (TX customer) with mess back - they worked perfect. We took in lots of water and mud. At the conclusion of our ride, i was able to shuck the overalls, while my shorts were wet, they were clean - no mud. Like i said we took in lots of water…For a summer overall, I okay perfectly happy with the way they performed. Size wise - I am 5’6”, 190 and the XL were too big - I may pass them to my husband and buy myself the large. Off-roading is a new untapped market for you products. Glad i found Uddertechinc via google search.

Great Gift

My granddaughter is studying to be a large animal vet at Purdue University. She absolutely loved her new Udder bibs. Thanks for making gift giving so easy. Here is her picture in her bibs...

Fantastic for active toddler

We live on a small homestead in northern Vermont and our 2 year old loves to be outside and active. To keep her clean (cleanish) she’s been wearing bib snow pants throughout the winter but with the warmer weather coming we needed another option. We got her the small even though she wears a 3T in clothes because we wanted them to last. With the straps tightened and the legs rolled up they are perfect for her, and the legs stay rolled up really well so she can jump in puddles and get muddy without a having to fix them constantly. She’s a little tall for her age but super slim.

Toddler Bibs

So glad we finally decided to make the purchase! Has saved on laundry and my sanity! Also love that the bibs are high vis for safety.