Bibbed Overalls Special Services - Special Service items are Non-Returnable

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Notice: This item is only for the special service. You need to include a pair of bibbed overalls on your order for this add-on service. Items with special services are non-returnable.

If you would like to add back pockets or have the fly sewn shut on to your bibbed overalls please use this item.

Choose from the drop downs which services you want. If you want back pockets and the fly sewn shut you will need to add the item twice to your cart.

The cost is $15/pair for adding 2 back pockets onto that back of the bibbed overalls as seen in the picture. Back pockets are NOT available on the mesh back bibbed overalls or children sized bibbed overalls.

If you would like to have the fly sewn shut the cost is $3/pair. Pink bibbed overalls do not have a fly zipper so you do not need to add this service on for pink bibbed overalls.

When the fly is sewn shut, the zipper is still inside. We stitch the fabric that is over the zipper shut so it doesn't open and you can no longer access the zipper.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Persoon
Love my Udder Tech bibs!

I love love love my bibs!! I scrub our robots every morning and somehow get myself soaking wet, and end up quite chilled, especially during Upstate NY winters. The bibs keep my clothes dry as can be, and I am so pleased!!

Kaia Larson
Farmworker here!

I think this is a great product to keep you dry while working outdoors. Yesterday I moved irrigation pipes out of the field in the rain, brushing up against all kinds of big wet leaves and getting soaked from all sides, above and below and carrying wet stuff.

These bibs kept me dry and then they themselves dried pretty fast later when I was out of the rain. Worked very well for a rainy harvest day too.

I was putting wet muddy hands in my pocket to get my handkerchief a lot that morning and when I took the bibs off later, the only part of me that was wet was a tiny bit near the hips/pocket.
As a thin woman 5'4", the xs gives me plenty of room to move and reach what I need to.

The bibs may be thin, but I stay pretty hot and sweaty if I wear too much layering underneath.

I upgraded to add butt pockets and the homies at udder tech allowed me to put purple pockets on my green bibs 😊

Dawn Nye
Great Gift

My granddaughter is studying to be a large animal vet at Purdue University. She absolutely loved her new Udder bibs. Thanks for making gift giving so easy. Here is her picture in her bibs...

Holly Valentine
Worth every penny!

Bought these for my daughter who’s in vet school. She loves them! The sizing was spot on too. I paid the extra to have the fly sewn shut & back pockets added which she was very happy about. Plus, the customer service was amazing & they arrived quickly too! The catalog that was sent with them was very nice too & we will be ordering more in the future!

Sarah Spencer
Love these except...size down

They are QUITE large. I chose the size based on website recommendations - I'm 5'9" tall woman, very muscular build with large hip/thighs and I feel a bit like I'm swimming in these which I did not anticipate - I could definitely put large winter layers beneath, so that's a bonus. I have the shoulder straps set at the very shortest length, and the pants still drag a bit on the ground so these are definitely designed for quite tall people, even at "standard" length. They are starting off super water proof and I'm hoping they'll be as durable as my Kaiwaka water proof pants I got years ago in New Zealand. Great quality build, but beware large sizing - I could easily go down to a medium I imagine.

Sturdy, modern, and even fashionable!

I bought these for a trip to Iceland to wear on the wet days over my jeans and on a whale watch. They are sturdy, wind and waterproof, and actually look really good! I purchased the black and the deep purple - how often do you get compliments on work overalls! Love them.

Baker White

Bibbed Overalls Special Services

Jo Ann Long

The overalls are wonderful. I had made a mistake on the address, and they were sent back to them. They made the corrections for me and reshipped them at no additional cost. Very nice company to deal with.

Wendi Rice
The best bibs ever

I live on a feed lot and I wash out cattle trailers with a high pressure hose. It's hard to not get wet or poopy. I have been through A LOT of rain gear. Most of them don't hold up for very long. But I can already tell that the udder tech bibs they're going to hold up longer than most. I like them so much I ordered the half zip jacket. Full zippers don't seem to last for me. Thank you udder tech for making great waterproof wear. Oh and the suspender part... Bravo for not using that stretchy material. They won't get stretched out and I won't end up walking on the bottom of the pants and wearing them out. Love them love them. Now I need to get me a pink pair.

Four C Dairy LLC-Casey Bauer

Bibbed Overalls Special Services