Kid & Lamb Blankets

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Keep your kids and lambs warm with these unique blankets, featuring 150 grams of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation.  Inch for inch, no other insulation is warmer than Thinsulate™ Insulation and it's performance remains virtually unchanged after repeated cleanings.

Designed to stay on the kid or lamb, easily be put on and taken off, and machine wash & dry, these blankets are sure to protect your young, vulnerable livestock when temperatures drop.


  • Quick release buckles on the straps for easy off and on
  • Extra strap length to accomodate growth
  • Belly strap to keep blanket snug when laying down
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Colors:  Black, red, pink and blue
  • Durable water resistant nylon

Customer Reviews

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Cristi Schaertl
Worth every penny.

These blankets are excellent. They acatully stay on the kid, and they truly keep the warm and dry in a time that it’s so crucial for them to not be cold and burning calories shivering trying to stay warm. Let your kids and lambs thrive and buy them an udder tech blanket! ☺️

Thank you for taking time to write a review and for sharing the pictures as well! The look like they all fit great.

Luci Ash

It does what it is made to do. It is short in length and there is no other size available

Transplanted Midwesterner
Coat works great for a small dog

I have a 20 lb. terrier mix, and this jacket is working well for him. Easy on and off, warm, and keeps him dry for short walks on damp days. The bright red and blue colors help keep him visible in the woods.
The only slight drawback is that for leash walking, he needs a front clip harness since there isn’t a slit in the back for clipping a leash to his harness.

Elaine Sherer
Coats for goats

We adopted to baby (kids) goats during late winter/early spring. These little blanket costs have keeps these boys warm on those chilly times during the them!!!

Jo Blaschko

Kid & Lamb Blankets

Scott Burdick

Fast delivery and fits as expected

Jeffrey Cloose
Spoiled lambs

Adjustable for good fit, insulated for keeping them warm. Just what we were looking for

Thank you for taking time to review our kid & lamb blankets. Glad to hear they fit well!

Adrienne Bennett
These are fantastic!!

We had early lambs this year, with the two youngest born two days before a major snow event. These blankets stayed on very well and kept them all warm and dry. We bought six and I am so thankful we had them!
In addition, the customer service at Udder Tech was stellar - they responded to my Sunday email within the first couple hours of Monday morning, and helped expedite the shipping so that the blankets arrived before the cold snap. Great experience all the way around!

Victoria Tonn
Stayed on

Like how the kid blankets stayed in place.

Lamb Blankets

Kept lambs warm and dry. Very pleased with the product. The coats fit well and provide adequate warmth.