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Great goat coat!

We have an old goat that was coming into this winter season a bit weaker than we would like. This calf blanket has been fantastic. She has been warm and happy each morning when I see her. It has held up to the pasture and other goats. No one has been able to chew through it!

Colleen thank you for your review and sharing your picture! She looks very happy in her blanket!

Pink!! And functional

Love them! I wanted something “girly” and water proof for the muddy rain season. These were perfect for my backyard farm. Although, an egg did break in my pocket and it managed to sink through and get my clothes. Not sure if it’s because the egg was in my pocket and the pocket material isn’t as thick as the outside. Overall, I’m still a happy camper.

They’re great!!

I love my new bibs! They are PERFECT for early mornings at the wash rack to keep the rest of me dry while I keep my girls clean!

Great coveralls

Always meeting our needs for calving season. Perfect for washing and grooming the 4-H critters

Great visibility

Rolled hers up because they don't make her size, but they're great! Can see her a mile away!

Fits great

Great fit and quality. Perfect bibs !

We love them!

I love them and so do the kids! They loved the bright color and they are light weight!

Exactly what I was hoping for!

I was looking for something lightweight and waterproof to put on right over my daughters normal outfit for when she goes out to the garden. These are perfect. They are a little long but it’s very easy to roll them up and they stay fine.

Thank you for taking time to share your review and picture! It looks like you have a great little helper.

Kid & Lamb Blankets
Cristi Schaertl
Worth every penny.

These blankets are excellent. They acatully stay on the kid, and they truly keep the warm and dry in a time that it’s so crucial for them to not be cold and burning calories shivering trying to stay warm. Let your kids and lambs thrive and buy them an udder tech blanket! ☺️

Thank you for taking time to write a review and for sharing the pictures as well! The look like they all fit great.

Udderly delightful.

Such great colors, the kids’ rain bibs and matching jackets. My 7-year old grandson loves the vivid blue. We may not be actual farmers, but after moving to Northfield from LA, he wants to fit in. Love the fact that the company is local, items arrived very quickly and look quality-made. Moo-ve over LA, we’re “farmers” now.

Just what we needed with a little modification

We love the overall product! For our 18 month old they were rather large but glad that she will be able to grow into them.
I modified them by putting elastic at the cuff because dragging pants were and issue and I wanted a tight fit to keep wetness out.

Best Attire For The Farm!

Love my UdderTechs. They’re comfortable and keep me nice and clean dry and warm on the farm. Not to mention how stylish they are!!

Thank you for taking time to review our bibbed overalls and for sharing a picture! We enjoy seeing and hearing from our customers.

Best purchase!

These are easy on and off and keep my little one clean and dry on the farm! We love them! My son is 14 mo so the 2/3T are a little big but they roll up easily and stay rolled.

Thank you for taking time to review our children's bibbed overalls and for sharing your picture! It is so fun to see them being put to good use.

It is a great product . I had a calf that lost all his hair and it was going to snow . It kept him warm


Great quality. Sizing was on point and they work well for outdoor chores and playtime! We couldn't be happier!

Love it!

I love it, my goat didn’ least at first. 🤣 I have a nubian that didn’t grow a winter coat. I purchased one of your calf blankets for her. It’s durable(she tried to eat it off of herself, but failed miserably) and she’s MUCH happier not shivering constantly. Thanks so much!

Amazing product

Uddertech calf blankets are great as soon as I started using them I noticed an immediate difference!

Perfect for fishing too!!

I love the these light weight, water proof bibs! I trophy catfish weekly in all weather conditions. They keep me dry handling large fish and I can move freely wearing them.

Bibbed Overalls - Waterproof
Crystal Casavant-Otto
Love these

Best milking attire EVER

Best waterproof bibs!

We love the kids waterproof bibs to keep our kids dry every day while feeding calves on the farm (and helping do herd check)! They are great quality knowing we will be using them daily. I love that they can slide these over any clothes, and minimize the number of outfits per day!

Thank you for taking time to write a review and sharing that cute picture of your farm helper! She looks like she will be a great helper for many years to come.

Awesome! 👌

Roomy and so excited to use for birthing season this winter on the farm!

Good luck with the season this year! Thank you for sharing your picture!

Uddertech in Scotland

Initially ordered the Pink and loved them so much I ordered a second pair and a purple pair for milking! They certainly stand out on a dark morning! 😍

Thank you for sharing your review and picture!

Keeps my kids clean and dry in the barn and outside. Cuts way back on the laundry I have to do

So durable!

I love these calf blankets! They keep my calves warm even on the coldest WI winter days. They also are easy to clean - just throw them in the washer and dryer and they are ready for the next calf!

They fit good and are easy to clean up. had one for 3 yrs. decided to retire it and get another one.