Celebrating 30 Years in Business in 2024

Udder Tech provides quality workwear for everyday use including waterproof items that can be machine washed and dried. The business was started in 1994 by Cheryl Mohn, who at the time was the main milker on their dairy in MN, she was working off the farm and a mom of three young kids. It started off with one item to help her get through milking quicker but over the last 30 years Udder Tech has grown to offer a wide variety of items that are helpful for anyone working with livestock. Her daughter Dana joined the business in 2015 and the two work together continuing to offer new items to be more efficient and to stay clean.

Many customers love the waterproof items from bibbed overalls and jackets to milking aprons and sleeves. The fabric is lightweight, comfortable and machine washable. In addition to the waterproof items, Udder Tech also offers a variety of bags and pouches.

Don’t just take their word for it, visit the Testimonials page to hear what others say about Udder Tech products. Though the name implies it, dairy producers aren’t the only ones using Udder Tech gear. Hoof trimmers, veterinarians and A.I. technicians find Udder Tech products to be necessary items in their daily apparel. 

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As we celebrate 30 years in business in 2024 hear more about Udder Tech in this Q&A with President and Founder Cheryl Mohn and Daughter & Business Manager Dana Casto.

Cheryl Mohn, President
How did Udder Tech get its start?
“As a Minnesota dairy farmer and mother to three young children, I needed to save time and steps while milking cows in our stanchion barn. I was teaching during the day and milking cows morning and night. Every minute I could save while in the barn gave me one minute more in the house to cook supper, help with homework and get the kids to bed.”

Tell us about your first product.
“In the early 90s, dairy farmers were changing the way they prepped cows for milking with the introduction of teat dip and single-use paper towels. My first creation—the Towel Tote—kept everything I needed right on my waist, reducing the number of trips back and forth to the milking cart and shaving minutes off my milking routine.”

At what point did you realize the Towel Tote had potential?
“Using my background in textiles, pattern drafting and design, I created Towel Tote prototypes and offered them to neighboring dairy farmers to try. When they said they wouldn’t milk cows without them, it was clear others would like them too.”

What advice did you receive when you first started Udder Tech?
“Prior to launching the Towel Tote, we worked with a small business consultant who shared five things we needed for our products to be successful long-term. Little did we know these simple concepts would lay the solid foundation of our business thirty years later:

1. Define the product’s purpose.
2. Brand the product with an identifiable logo.
3. Make it good so it doesn’t fail.
4. Be the original —be first to market.
5. Advertise to your customers.”

What is a key component to your success as a business owner?
“Hiring the right people. The people we choose to run the business are our most important asset. Udder Tech is not just brick and mortar and it’s not just the items that we sell—it’s about the people. We’re fortunate to have many longtime committed team members and our daughter, Dana, who returned to the team as business manager in 2015.”

Dana Casto, Business Manager
What is Udder Tech’s brand promise?
“Superior innovation. Exceptional service. Our customers tell us they choose Udder Tech over and over again because we consistently  deliver on these two statements.”

Where do ideas for new products come from?
“Whether we’re at tradeshows, on the farm or on social media, we love to hear customers’ suggestions for useful items to create—like our new Roll Top Bag for transporting dirty gear. Enhancements to current fan favorites are also customer driven. We recently launched a Long Length Shoulder Guard to add extra coverage.”

How have your products and business evolved?
“Our first products were created for efficiency. Next, customers wanted gear to stay clean and dry. Word spread about how useful our gear was on any type of farm and across many industries. Fast forward 30 years and Udder Tech gear is worn by people of various professions worldwide!”

What excites you most about the future of Udder Tech?
“Thanks to our amazing customers, Udder Tech has stood the test of time. With 30 years of success in the industry, we will continue innovating new products to grow and evolve with the industries we serve. The stories customers share about how long they have owned Udder Tech products and the ‘you won’t believe it’ stories we hear keep us excited about what’s coming next.”