Splash Guard Holsters

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Protect yourself from the mess with our splash guard holsters featuring a vinyl back panel! Choose to add one, two or three holsters onto your belt depending on what you need to get the job done.  You might consider one for pre-dip, one for post-dip, and the third for inflation plugs, inflation adaptors, medicine or leg bands.


  • Vinyl back panel keeps you dry
  • Choose from one, two or three holsters
  • Belt with buckle sold separately
  • Colors: Black 
  • Waterproof vinyl back


Skinny Single - 17" H x 8" W
Single - 17" H x 14" W
Double - 17" H x 14" W
Triple - 17" H x 14" W

See picture for dimensions of cup

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Not the best choice for a tie stall

If you put the dipper in the holster it flops around too much as you walk so you splash the dip everywhere. Sure it doesn't get on your clothes but the dipper is empty by the time you get to the next cow. I hang mine on the belt (above the holster part) and that works okay but that is not how it was intended for use. If you stood still the entire time then it would work but walking around a tie stall (or even a parlour) it is not helpful. You would be better off attaching a belt to a stiff piece of material (leather or something) with a hook through it to hang the dipper off. Wanted to like this but was disappointed.

Dale Pulvermacher

These work great to keep you pants dry. They last a long time and are adjustable. Been using it for years.