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** Calf blanket quantity discounts starting at 25 blankets, see below for discount codes **

Keep your calves warm with our unique Calf Blankets.  Constructed from 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation, our calf blankets offer the most protection inch for inch.  No other insulation is warmer than Thinsulate™ and it's performance remains virtually unchanged after repeated cleanings.

Designed to stay on the calf, easily be put on and taken off, and machine wash & dry, these blankets are sure to protect your young, vulnerable calves when temperatures drop.

Available in 3 sizes:

Small for Jersey calves and twins

Medium for most newborn Holsteins and other breeds

Large for older calves, over 8 weeks old


CB25      $1 off each blanket for orders with 25-49 blankets

CB50      $2 off each blanket for orders with 50-99 blankets

CB100     $3 off each blanket for orders with 100-249 blankets

CB250     $4 off each blanket for orders with 250-499 blankets

CB500     $5 off each blanket for orders with 500+ blankets


  • 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation keeps calves warm
  • Quick release buckles for easy on and off, no velcro to get matted
  • Extra strap length to accomodate calf growth
  • Belly strap to keep blanket snug when laying down
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Durable water resistant nylon

3M and Thinsulate are trademarks of 3M

Options Available:

Small Size

  • Single 150 grams - available in Red, Pink or Purple
  • Double 300 grams - available in Red, Pink or Purple

Medium Size

  • Single 150 grams - available in Blue, Pink or Purple
  • Double 300 grams - available in Blue, Pink, Purple or Black

Large Size

  • Single 150 grams - available in Black only
  • Double 300 grams - available in Black only

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 115 reviews
    Scott Alexander
    Must have in cold calving months

    I've used these blankets for several calving seasons. It has aided in savings newborns lives when the temperature drops or fluctuates. Cows are still able to tend to the calf as well. When calves shiver they start to use their brown fat (reserve fat) and once that's depleted hypothermia and other issues develop. This product helps prevent that. Buy with confidence that it will work.

    Not just for calves!

    Have a 10yo Dalmation that’s feeling the cold a bit more now that he’s no longer a young pup. The small Udder Tech calf coat fits him perfectly! Much more durable than “dog clothes”, machine washable and very stylish!
    As with all of my Udder Tech clothes, love this! And so does Keebler!

    Fern ridge farm
    Great for winter calving

    Bought a couple of these to have on hand for winter calves. Work great for keeping them warm and dry. Size small fits perfect on American Aberdeen calves with some room to grow. If I could change anything I’d want a grab handle on the top center.


    Works great in the cold Norge also.

    Keri Hodges

    I got this blanket just in time for my cow to have her calf in the middle of winter! I was able to leave it on her for a couple very cold days in a row without it being a hassle. It’s super easy to adjust and wipes dirt/debris right off. I’m super pleased with my experience!

    Colleen Ewing
    Great goat coat!

    We have an old goat that was coming into this winter season a bit weaker than we would like. This calf blanket has been fantastic. She has been warm and happy each morning when I see her. It has held up to the pasture and other goats. No one has been able to chew through it!

    Colleen thank you for your review and sharing your picture! She looks very happy in her blanket!

    Missy Hayes

    It is a great product . I had a calf that lost all his hair and it was going to snow . It kept him warm

    Jess Dymond
    Love it!

    I love it, my goat didn’ least at first. 🤣 I have a nubian that didn’t grow a winter coat. I purchased one of your calf blankets for her. It’s durable(she tried to eat it off of herself, but failed miserably) and she’s MUCH happier not shivering constantly. Thanks so much!

    Jack Mallonee
    Amazing product

    Uddertech calf blankets are great as soon as I started using them I noticed an immediate difference!

    So durable!

    I love these calf blankets! They keep my calves warm even on the coldest WI winter days. They also are easy to clean - just throw them in the washer and dryer and they are ready for the next calf!