Growing up on a diversified crop and livestock farm, Ann always enjoyed helping her family with daily chores. While beef and sheep were her favorite, when pursuing her animal science degree she decided it was time to learn more about the dairy industry and began milking at the NDSU dairy farm. There she acquired her love for dairy cattle and met some of her closest life-long friends.

With a previous job as an extension agent working with 4H families, Ann demonstrated kindness, fairness and a genuine interest in the program and people she met. This makes her a great addition to our team. She also has great organization skills and is used to multitasking, which is also important. At Udder Tech, she will be answering customer calls, processing orders, doing general office duties and will take on more responsibilities as we grow.  

In her spare time, Ann, a wife and mother of two loves animals and living on her family’s hobby farm with their dog, cats, chickens and goats. She loves helping her children pursue their interest in animals specifically horses and dairy calves. Ann enjoys volunteering with the 4-H program, the National Guard Family Readiness Group, school and church.

My favorite Udder Tech product is… Waterproof Pants and Children's Bibbed Overalls.

"The pants really keep your clothes dry while washing milking units and the children’s bibs are great for keeping the kids clean while feeding and working with their animals."