Towel Tote™

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As popular and useful today as it was when it was created, our Towel Tote™ is our flagship product and a favorite time saving tool among dairy farmers!  The tote dispenses single fold paper towels one at a time to increase efficiency when milking.


  • Loops are perfect for keeping teat dippers handy
  • Belt and buckle are attached
  • 6" H x 9.5" W 
  • Colors: Black 
  • Water resistant nylon 

Available sizes:

Small - 80 towels, 2.5" D
Medium - 180 towels, 3.5" D
Large - 250 towels, 4.5" D

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jesson Delfs
Awesome Product

Works great on time breed day so you don’t have to stuff your pockets with paper towels! I bought the spray bottle holsters to put on this belt to hold paint cans too! The loops on this belt work great to hold a cidr gun. Great product!

Diane Luna-Torres

Items that have been ordered have been great.

Javier Guzmán
Pretty good towel tote

it works excellent, a very useful and practical tool.

Ryan Ridge
Freaking awesome

I wear it when I am breeding cows and it is great. Don’t need the dip cup holders on it but it does for my needs

Won’t work without it!

This is my favorite breeding tool, so helpful! I broke the clip on my last one and had to replace ASAP. I joke that I might wear it all the time, especially with kids, handy paper towels are a must!

Eric Goedhart

Towel Tote™

Michael Butler
Love it!

You market this dispenser for use when milking, but I purchased it to wear when AI'ing cows. It works great for that purpose even though I don't have a use for the loops. I use an AI gun warmer (with your great cover on it) so your AI vest would be overkill. This is much better than shoving a bunch of paper towels in my pockets. It would be great if I could add a pouch to it for the lube. Then it would truly be perfect!

Thank you for the review! You can slide any of our bags onto the belt of the towel tote. You can either bend the loops to fit in the casing or just cut them off. You might like our accessory bag or a dip holster to carry your lube in. I linked each of them below.

Luis A Leos

Towel Tote™

Excellent investment

I purchased one 3 years ago. Towel tote hand washes easily. I have the medium which holds more than 180 towels. Towels always pull out with little effort, the snap buckles stay where you adjust them, and the Velcro top stays secure.Product is well worth the money and built to last. I recommend the towel tote to every milker.

Amazing Product

This product is one of the most useful products I use on the farm. It makes milking go so much faster. I always have all the supplies I need to milk no matter where I am in the barn. No need to push a cart down the alley or run back and forth for more towels or dip. Also, it is super comfortable and light weight so it doesn’t hinder my ability to the job! They are also very durable. Absolutely love this product!

Thank you for taking time to write a review for our Towel Tote. We appreciate your business and review!