Hoof Knife Pocket

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Hoof trimmers asked for a way to carry their hoof knives, so this pocket provides a handy way to solve that problem!


NEW! See options when ordering to have them attached to bibbed overalls

1. Choose  HKP w/velcro

2. See options to have them sewn on or just to purchase separately


  • These can be attached to bibbed overalls, jackets or vests with either hoof glue or a safety pin.  
  • We can also sew these on those items by request, for an additional charge
  • Nylon fabric, lined with heavy weight webbing for durability
  • 6" L x 3.25" W


  • HKP with Velcro - the bottom opens on this pocket and the velcros shut. You can open the bottom to make sure all of the hoof chips are out.

Customer Reviews

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Zach Thompson
Hoof knife carrier

I ordered thinking it had loops so that it could be used with a belt. I’d does not, it needs to be permanently attached. It would work fine but I cannot use it.

Zach, sorry to hear you were disappointed it was not what you expected. This item is usually is attached to bibs or aprons. We can sew them on otherwise people have used hoof glue or safety pins to attach them.

We do have a hoof knife holster I think this is the item you were looking for it goes on a belt, here is the link, https://www.uddertechinc.com/products/hoof-knife-holster?_pos=3&_sid=39fc36341&_ss=r

Sabrina Mae Gamble
Best thing ever!

So we have 4 of these, as we tend to misplace them, but that is on us. However the little pouch you attach it to your belt where you can hold the hoof knife is awesome so you don't try to slip it somewhere and it falls out. I have put them in my hoodie for so long and bend over and they fall out. or the back pocket and my butt pushes them out. so if you can relate at all, spend the little money and get one of these!!!