Growing up on her family’s dairy farm, Tina always enjoyed milking and caring for their herd of Holsteins. Today, although she no longer lives on a dairy farm, working with Udder Tech has allowed her the opportunity to continue to be involved in the dairy industry by working with producers – a part of her job that she loves.

At Udder Tech, each team member is involved in the overall day to day operations of the business and is available to answer any questions you may have. More specifically, Tina is responsible for processing orders and handling accounts payable and receivable, and she can answer questions about accounts, orders and payment information.

When she isn’t working, Tina enjoys spending time with her family outside on their farm where they raise beef cattle, goats, sheep, chickens and rabbits. Her daughters are involved with 4-H and keep her busy as a contact leader for their club. An avid baseball fan, Tina also loves taking time to go watch the Minnesota Twins baseball games.

My favorite Udder Tech product is… Waterproof Bibbed Overalls

“They are so great! From wearing them around home while doing chores to my daughters wearing them while they are washing cattle at the fair! They are awesome! They wear well, and they are lightweight. They have BIG pockets that always seem to get filled up with many assorted items! We can’t live without them!”