Cloth Towel Pouch Set

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Encourages better udder prep with readily accessible towels. If you need another towel, you have it and will more likely use it – thus getting the cow cleaner, which reduces the chance for mastitis!

Use one pouch for clean towels, one for dirty towels or both for clean towels. The top of the pouch is reinforced with webbing so it will keep its shape. The small pouches work well in stanchion barns or flat parlors because the towels hang down at your side.

Purchase this time-saving Cloth Towel Pouch Set with everything you need for milking time efficiency.


  • Save valuable time and steps by having your towels with you
  • Webbing-reinforced top keeps its shape
  • Set includes two bags and a 2" belt
  • Colors: Black

Available in 3 Fabrics

  • Polyester - water resistant and hand wash
  • Nylon - water resistant and machine washable
  • Vinyl - waterproof and hand wash
Available in 3 Sizes
  • Small - Holds 25 Towels, 14.5" H x 8.5" W x 4.5" D
  • Medium - Holds 35 Towels, 13" H x 10.5" W x 5" D
  • Large - Holds 50 Towels, 12" H x 12" W x 5.5" D

Customer Reviews

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We have used these for years

Our Dairy has used these pouches for years now. We only buy the large vinyl pouches. Every milker has their own pouch and they all take care of them.
We never put them in the washer. We always hand wash at end of each shift

Dan Gratz
Great product.

Very well built, good design, excellent reinforcement, got the nylon set , soft , flexible , yet very durable. Just big , which is great if you are in a large parlor , or using the larger towels . I’m a small tie stall barn using smaller 11” x 11” towels. Chart recommends the medium size for 35 towels, that’s how many I need , when I got it and put 35 clean towels in , it only filled it half full . Exchanged for the small set which is recommended for 25 towels, put 35 in and still had lots of room. It works , glad I got it , saves running back to a pail .

David Weststeyn

Cloth Towel Pouch Set

Martin Curiel

Good service

Linda Nelson

Switched to micro fiber towels and absolutely love being able to have clean towels with me at all times. Keep up the great work!

Nicole Berg

Cloth Towel Pouch Set

Jose L Vidauri Rodriguez
Gratis product

practical and functional to work in dairy

Donna Offhaus
Cloth Towel Pouches


Deleted user


Amelia Wilson
Great for parlours

Love this towel pouch set for milking in a parlour with reusable towels.
Durable nylon pouches go right in the washer with the towels and wide straps are ideal and don’t cut in to you when they’re weighed down with towels!