Milking Sleeve - Adjustable

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Unlike most milking sleeves, our Adjustable Milking Sleeve has elastic and velcro closures on the top and bottom.  The sleeve stays put, won't slouch and you can adjust it for a perfect fit.  Sold as one individual sleeve.


  • Available in Regular or Extra Long (3" longer than the regular sleeve)
  • Colors:  Blue (waterproof)

Customer Reviews

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Kellie Jeppesen

love them ... could use matching colors for the bibs tho

Kevin Mader

Great product for keeping arms clean in the parlor during milking. Wash up super easy and dry fast for next shift. Only issues and they are incredibly minor issues. 1. Putting them on you almost need a second person to synch them tight around your arms for you. It can be done alone but a second person really makes in easier. 2. Plus or minus, the sleaves are warm. All in all Great product!! Thank you Udder Tech

Ridge Vu Dairy - Alan Cook

Milking Sleeve - Adjustable

Brianne Davidson
Great product

They are awesome products! Im having them lined with fleece to be extra warm and dry

Patricia H Masters
Milking Sleeves! Who wouldn't love them?

These sleeves are great! Helps me keep my shirt sleeves clean!


Have trouble keeping them tight enough over a bulky sweatshirt. Otherwise good product

Jay Stubbs

Awesome product! Can’t believe we waited till now to get them !!!🐄

Gerald klinkner
Milking sleeves

This our second order, really like them in the parlor. Have had some elastic roll in cuff.

Nadine Nielsen
This sleeve needs modification

I think this could be a great sleeve, it needs to be indicated left or right arm for tightening the top to fit. It should have a square ring for the velcro to pull through to be able to be pulled tight. For ladies the pulling tight is my issue and the weight of clothes you wear. otherwise they will fall to your elbow. So having something to pull against helps tighten with less strength. The wrist area has to large of opening and allows water through it.

Thank you for taking time to review our products. We appreciate your suggestion, many of our ideas for improvements have been developed from our customers. The milking milking with thumbhole duo or milking sleeve with thumbhole are our more popular sleeve options.

Katie Karl
Keeps you dry!

Prevents the wash fluid from running down your arms and soaking your shirt when going from udder to udder. Sleeves stay put on biceps and fit over/under gloves easily at wrist. Dry quickly.