Sleeved Apron - Waterproof

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Unique design! Sleeves with thumbhole protect your wrists from moisture and debris while the full apron keeps you clean and dry. Ideal for milking, washing down parlors, power washing equipment, calf feeding and herd checks. 


  • Adjustable neck and waist straps
  • Keeps you dry and clean during dirty, wet jobs
  • Machine washable
  • Colors: Blue
  • Waterproof nylon 

Available in 4 sizes:

  • Small: 42"L x 33.5"W
  • Medium: 45"L x 33.5"W
  • Large: 51"L x 33.5"W
  • X-Large: 51"L x 33.5"W

Sizing Notes: The dimensions above are for the lower apron portion. The upper shoulder and sleeve portion follow our jackets for sizing.

Gown can be wiped clean and machine washed and dried. Stay protected while sanitizing and cleaning.


Customer Reviews

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DeAna Cahoon
Sleeved Apron- waterproof

A few of these were purchased for our foaling season this year. I am 5’11” and the little plastic gowns we had would only come down to my knees and were just too flimsy. The uddertech aprons are great!! I couldn’t believe how well they fit and how durable they are. The length is almost to my ankles. I wash them after every use and have yet to see a split or crack. Worth every penny. So glad I just happened to find your website when I did!


Sleeved Apron - Waterproof

Ken B Hermann

Sleeved Apron - Waterproof


We use these aprons in a dental setting and they work great to keep us dry and the ventilation in the back keeps us cool. Thank you for providing us gear so we can keep working during the pandemic!!

Dioselina Salamanca
Para la ordeña

Perfetas las mangas y el delantar me en cantaron

Daniel DeCelle
Sleeved apron review

I believe I was the first funeral director to buy your product last year. I highly recommended it to as many of my colleagues as possible and shared your product with our state association to get it out to almost every funeral home in New York State. I like that you increased your color selection because it made it easier to know which color to change to when the others needed to be washed. Thank you for helping to protect us in the field. Dan

Great for first responders

Awesome piece of kit.

Karalee Wensel
Great product, but long.

Didn't realize how long these are. I just cut off 6 inches and rehemmed. Perhaps they should be sized short, medium, and long. 😉 Next time we will order the short one. This is being used in a milking parlor.

Emma Terpstra

The milkers love this product!

Jason Flegner
Great product

We are a ambulance company who has integrated this product into it's PPE supply. These are far superior to the flimsy see-through disposable gowns. They cover you from shoulder to foot, disinfect easily and are machine washable. Not only is this product fantastic, but the ladies at UdderTech are wonderful to work with. Great product from a great company.