Bibbed Overalls Mesh Back - Waterproof

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Our Mesh Back Waterproof Bibbed Overalls offer the ultimate in protection and cooling during the summer heat.  The open mesh back goes the full length of the bibs keeping you cooler on the back, yet waterproof in the front. (Mesh back is not waterproof.)  

Much like our standard Waterproof Bibbed Overalls, our customers, veterinarians and farmers alike tell us they use them for milking, washing down parlors, feeding calves and washing up bottles, power washing equipment, delivering calves, herd checks and vaccinating.

They are sized generously to easily be worn over other clothing. Wear these over your pants, long underwear or shorts. Zipper fly.  Available in regular length only.


  • Front side made from waterproof nylon
  • Back side is perforated fabric similar to a mesh football jersey (NOT waterproof)
  • Secure inner pocket with zipper for cell phones
  • Chest pockets for medicine and syringes
  • Machine wash
  • Colors: Black, Blue

Machine wash and dry, wash at moderate temperatures like you would jeans - avoid bleach, hot water and heat.

If the size and color you want is out of stock, you can call to place a backorder for the item 888-438-8683. We will be restocking blue and black XS-2XL.


Sizes Men's Waist Size Women's Pant Size
X-Small 24"-26" 4-6
Small  28"-30" 8-10  
Medium 32"-34" 12-14 
Large 36"-38" 14-16 
X-Large  40"-42" 18-20  
2X-Large 44"-46" 22-24
3X-Large 46"-48" 24-26
4X-Large 50" + 28" +

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Randall Martin

I am a hoof trimmer for 23 years. I have been wearing these for a dozen years. The hoof chips that come off the grinder are hard and painful at times. These overalls ( I buy three at a time) last for a year of continuous use and washing every night. Definitely worth it. Makes clean up so much easier. These with the mesh back are much cooler as well. I’m so glad for this option as I wear other protective gear which gets hot.

Jeannie B.
These are AWESOME!

I have been a loyal bib wearer for years now and finally decided to try out the mesh back bibs since this summer has been hot already. What a difference in cooling it makes with one vented side-I can say realistically I will wear these more in the summer than I would have with the standard bib pair. THANKS for the option to pick some great work wear that can help keep us cooler in our hot and humid climates, and in the barn!

Megan McKee

We love them!

Waterproof bib overalls.

I got them for my husband who does a lot of cattle AI. I love how they protect his pants and are easy to clean. The only problem is that the zipper promptly broke and I'm going to have to replace it.

Thank you for taking time to write a review. We will contact you directly as well to follow up on the zipper issue.

Jeremy Howard

Bibbed Overalls Mesh Back - Waterproof

Douglas Troutman
Return customer for life

These bibs work great in our 3 duck barns and also with our dairy cows. I recommend them to anyone and everyone who wants a quick lightweight way of staying cleaner throughout the long work days.

Tammy Wakeley

Bibbed Overalls Mesh Back - Waterproof

These are awesome for Fine Art Creation

I am a fine artist and I wear these overalls when I'm in my studio painting. I bought them so that I wouldn't have to always wear rubbish clothes when I painted. Now, I wear my normal street clothes and just put these bibs on over them. I really like the mesh back because I sit when I paint and it's like there is nothing there (doesn't feel like I'm wearing a second pair of pants.)

Thank you for taking time to write a review. We love hearing the unique ways people use our products!

SC Cotton Farmer
They work great

I bought these for cleaning cotton picker heads. It is a dirty and wet job to say the least but these work very well to keep me dry and relatively clean. I like the mesh back because it keeps me cooler but the waterproof front keeps water from splashing back on me. I would certainly buy another pair. My only complaint is that they run rather large. I bought a set for a 36-38 waste size and they have a lot of room to spare. I find them catching on things more than I would like just because they are baggy. I would buy a smaller size next time but so far I really like the one I have.

Thank you for taking time to write a review. It is great to hear about the different jobs our products are used to do.

Susana Munoz

Awesome product :)