In time for winter: New large calf blankets

In time for winter: New large calf blankets

Lakeville, Minn. [November 7, 2017] – Udder Tech, Inc. announces new large size calf blankets available just in time for winter weather.

“Each year we receive special order requests for larger size calf blankets,” says Dana Casto, Udder Tech business manager. “We are excited to announce the large size is now available through our catalog and website.”

The new large size calf blankets are a great option for larger, more growthy-type calves, older calves and for those that prefer to keep calf blankets on longer.  The large size blanket is made with the same high-quality materials standard with Udder Tech’s calf blankets –  durable nylon fabric, adjustable straps with quick release buckles and 3MTM ThinsulateTM Insulation. They can be machine washed and dried and feature a belly strap to keep blankets snug and secure.

The new size is available in black, with the choice of single or double insulation. Single insulation blankets contain one layer of 150 grams 3MTM ThinsulateTM Insulation; double insulation has two layers of 3MTM ThinsulateTM Insulation, totaling 300 grams. For all other young animals, Udder Tech continues to offer an assortment of blankets for calves, lambs and kids.

For more information and to view new products, visit or call 888-438-8683.

Udder Tech, Inc. ( was founded 20 years ago by a dairy farmer and has deep roots in the dairy industry. It began with a need for efficiency in the barn and has expanded into all aspects of agriculture. Udder Tech’s growth and the popularity of their products comes from listening to their customers and what they say will make their jobs easier, faster and cleaner. Their inspiration comes from their experience and from their experience comes great gear.

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