Hen Pouch™

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Raise backyard chickens? Collect your farm fresh eggs in this handy, durable and water resistant egg holder.  The Hen Pouch™ allows you to keep your hands free, so you can easily collect eggs and tend to the other needs of your hens.

The unique position of the Hen Pouch™ allows it to sway with your hip and body while you walk, protecting the eggs from bouncing against your body as happens with an apron or other front-pocket apparel. Depending on your own preference, it can easily slide from one hip to the other across the adjustable belt (included).

Choose either a single pouch or the triple pouch, depending on how many eggs you need to collect or what other supplies (scratch grains, water bottle, cell phone) you might like to tuck within.


  • Single Hen Pouch™ - Holds approximately 4-6 eggs depending on egg size; recommended for a small flock
  • Triple Hen Pouch™ - Holds approximately 12-18 eggs total, depending on egg size; recommended for a larger flock


  • Includes a 1” adjustable belt with quick release buckle
  • Durable water resistant nylon fabric
  • Machine wash & dry
  • Colors: Black and Brick Red

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Chloe Harris
      Handiest Thing Ever

      My favorite backyard chicken accessory! It easily allows me to collect eggs one handed while holding the door open!

      Craig Kurtz
      delighted my cousin

      purchased for my cousin. She’s just thrilled. Sent me an action shot from her henhouse the first time she used it.