Cheryl founded Udder Tech in 1994, and since then has been delivering products to the dairy industry that help producers to be clean and efficient in their operations. The first Udder Tech product was developed when Cheryl was milking full-time on the family operation and wanted to make milking time more efficient. She designed the Towel Tote™ so everything she needed for milking was with her, including towels, pre-dip and post dip. While milking the first time with the Towel Tote, she shaved twenty minutes off from her milking time!

Today, as President, Cheryl oversees all areas of the Udder Tech business. She enjoys coming to work knowing that Udder Tech produces quality products that customers want and need. In addition to day-to-day tasks, Cheryl focuses on new product designs, product production and quality control. Questions about product quality and special order designs can be directed to Cheryl.

When she’s not busy designing the newest Udder Tech product, Cheryl loves traveling with her husband, Bruce, and spending time with friends and family including her two adorable granddaughters and darling grand son.

My favorite Udder Tech product is… Waterproof Milking Sleeve with Thumb Hole

“The waterproof milking sleeve with the thumb hole is my favorite because it really addresses a problem— wet, irritated wrists. The unique design keeps the sleeve in the glove so your wrist is not exposed to the elements. And, obviously many others think it is a favorite because it is one of our best selling items!"